He that lives Godly in Christ Jesus shall receive persecutions. Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you. Satan gets angry at those who see the light! It seems that he sends every demon in hell at them! But God had men and women who stood unto death for the Truth, there are some of us that still do. Church people grow more angry, pressed with the demon of envy. It is the same envy that forced the religious people to crucify our Lord Jesus. We, who stand firmly on God's Word grow on persecutions. Persecutions can not stop God's work any more than a little dog's barking can stop the moon from shining. There have been Christians hung in public squares, red hot irons pushed into their eyes. Their backs were lined with gashes. Salt was put into their wounds. Christians have been beheaded and thrown into caves. There have been some that were stoned, imprisoned and killed. And they grew in number! The Christians were driven into prayer. God's power fell like water. Finally a universal revival spread under the leadership of the HOLY GHOST! God is calling a people who will carry His Message to all flesh. The Lord is using the foolish to confound the wise, the weak to put the strong to shame.