Ministers for Christ Bible Institute

A few of our many, many letters.

From: George Keller
To: mcac
Subject: F.Y.I.
Date: Thursday, October 08, 1998 8:56 AM

Should you receive any more inquiries; you have my permission to
inform them that one Ordained Minister. Affiliated with Ministers for
Christs Assembly of Churches, has been favourably accepted as an active
member of the following Associations.

    (1) Sumter Area Ministerial Association (Americus, Georgia) -
(locally, where I live and preach)
    (2) Associated Christian Ministers International (Victoria, Australia)
    (3) The National Clergy Council (Washington, D.C.)

    I have thoroughly investigated their beliefs and practices before
agreeing to become a member. This will further enhance my personal
ministry in service to our Lord Jesus Christ and likewise keep me
abreast of things of the world; locally, nationally, and
    I am also pleased to announce that the National Director of Habitat
for Humanity in Fiji, South Pacific Islands (my new homeland in March
'99) has requested that I head the Church Relations Department of
Habitat throughout Fiji, upon my return.
    Not only will I will be saving souls for Christ and officiating the
administration of all Sacraments; but; working with various Churches,
Religious Organizations, and Clergy throughout the make
them aware of Habitat's Christian Ministry and to show them ways have
they can be involved in the ministry and mission to eliminate poverty
housing throughout the world, and in this case "Fiji."

Peace and Blessings,

Habitat for Humanity International
- Building houses in partnership with God's people in need

121 Habitat St., Americus, GA 31709 USA


From: George Keller
To: mcac
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 3:58 AM
Subject: Ordination

Dear Bros. and Strs. in Christ:

Since there has been much concern and questions and concerns about
education and ordination, I felt obligated to share with you the extent
of my research. Many have written, asking questions regarding transfer
of ordination credentials from MCAC to that of some of our main stream

After considerable research, the results are, that unless you meet "all
the requirements" of the particular denomination you are seeking
transfer, pertaining to "education"; you're transfer will not be
accepted until you have thoroughly completed these said requirements.
Please note that all denominations I have researched has "thoroughly
approved" the ordination and credentials granted to each of us by MCAC
and who were truly called to serve.

My only question to each of you is: "Are you seeking identity by
selecting to transfer to a denomination?" Why go through the hastle and
regimentation, after having already been ordained by MCAC. Then the
next question you need to ask of yourself is: "Why did I bother to
study with MCAC and become ordained by them, if I am seeking to join
another order?"

Your identity will be granted by God! The public will identify you by
the way you act and/or conduct yourself in the world.

You need to pray on this you seek "Religion or Christ"
to serve.

Time is drawing near and the harvest is plenty! We need our people in
the fields, bring the lost to the feet of God and the glory of His

I thoroughly support the ministry of MCAC, and education (a biblical or
religious degree) is the requirement in the mainstream churches. There
is no getting away with it today! Why? Because they all want to teach
you "their doctrine". The only doctrine you need is the Doctrine of
Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible!

You are free to ask Dr. Gardner for my letter, with my
background information; so you can see first hand what I had to go
through in education.

I pray that this will help everyone and those yet to become ordained.
May the Lord bless each of you in all your endeavours of life and with
your walk in Him.

In Christ's Joyous Peace,
The Rev. George H. Keller
P.O. Box 2738
Nausori Post OfficeFiji Islands
South Pacific

I received my documents today! Thank you very much for all of your help
and may God continue to bless your ministry. Are the degree courses
like the Bachelor, Masters of Theology available on rapid results also.
Can they be done via the net like the ordination course.
Please let me know ASAP as I am very much interested.
M. Harewood
West Indies


Thank you for such a God's Blessing experience, which you all have worked
together, in putting the exams together for computers, that I have just
finished. Again, Thank You All for the wonderful experience, God Bless!

J. McDaniels

I am well pleased with the course and would recommend it highly. I Have been studying the King James Bible for many years. I give thanks and thanksgiving to God and to all of the people connected with Ministers for Christ Outreach.
Thank you very much and God bless you. In His service, F.J. H.

I like these lessons so far, I am being helped and guided by the Holy Spirit.....E.H.

Thank you for your Bible Study. It is a good thorough study. I have learned a lot from it. I feel more confident now.
Sincerely, E.P.H.

You are doing a great work for Christ. I would like to help in any way I can. Thank you so much for your patience, I have really enjoyed the course.


This has been a very good opportunity for me to review my Bibical knowledge and hopefully prepare me for what God has planned for my future. I appreciate the opportunity you have presented and pray that God will continue to use your ministry for His glory and the blessing of His people. In service to Christ. L.L.K.

Thank you for the chance to become an ordained minister - it will help greatly with the food ministry I'm in. I have a small chicken farmand fish farm, that I give the eggs to the Manns project along with fish and trout & perch along with fresh herbs & vegetables & fruits.
Once again I thank you for this great opportunity. Shalom P.P.

It's a pleasure doing these courses, learning the Scriptures and preparing to minister to people. My life has changed remarkably lately, as my Spiritualism has grown Immensely. R.P.N.

Thank you so much for this course, it's been a blessing. J.D.M.

I have truly enjoyed these studies. I have learned alot from them....
God be with this place, you are in my prayers...V.M.M.

Brothers & Sisters in Christ:
I thank the Lord for the way He is touching my life through you. I ask and pray that he would open heavens windows and bless you abundantly.
Till He comes, L.T.

Dear Dr. Gardner:This is a very exciting time of our lives and both my wife and I thank you so very much for your work in extending the Kindom of Christ through the direct expression of His love by your offering the study of His Holy message to us.
Peace and Love, P & S. S.

Dear Ministers for Christ Outreach
I have enjoyed this course so much, I'm going back over all the questions that I missed and study them. This course has meant so much to me. It will certainly put you to thinking. I want to keep in touch with you. This is a great work that you are doing and the Lord will greatly reward you,
God bless you, M.A.S.

This study is exciting to me! As I went through the lessons, I realized that God's Word had, indeed, made a deep impression in my soul and being.
Love in Christ, C.R.S.

Dear Friends:
Your treatment of Revelations was the most helpful focus I've ever been blessed by - The Lord truly was in it, and my understanding greatly enlarged. Thank you! R.W.

Your Bible lessons were unique and uplifting in the Spirit....

I enjoyed the lessons on the Bible study I had to do. God showed me alot in the Scriptures that I have read. God feels so close at times, He is the One that helped me do this.
Thank you.

I wanted to write you and tell you how much I enjoyed taking your courses. I found them challenging and fun. And I will recommend your courses to anyone I know who feels the call to minister. Your friend in Christ, R.W.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to complete your ordination course. ....
I look forward to a long blessed relationship with Ministers for Christ Assembly of Churches. F.L.B.


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